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Last week I saw Juliette Mapp’s Anna, Ikea, and I at Danspace Project. (Disclaimer: I also started working at Danspace Project last week.) I thought the work was interesting, even moving – a deceptively simple piece where apparent off-the-cuff chatter and movement recounting Mapp’s growing up as a dancer frequently caught me by surprise with a resonant punch, reminding me of my own former days as a self-loathing dance student, my own questions about history and legacy.

Even so, there was an element of (acknowledged) narcissism, and I found when describing Mapp’s monologues at the microphone and somatic trip down memory lane to others who did not see the performance, I said things like, “It sounds horribly self-indulgent, but it actually felt very generous.” As I heard those words come out of my mouth (a mouth that is usually the first to scream “foul play” at self-indulgent performance) I wondered, “Was it really generous, and if so, why?”

I think it boils down to the fact that she was actually investigating her own story: “What have I learned, and what will I teach?” There were questions – self-referential questions, sure, but questions nonetheless. After all, what do any of us have to talk about and explore but our own experience?

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I’ve been super-busy lately: transitioning to a new job, training for certification to teach yoga, working on a new performance project…  I’ve been struggling to maintain my written investigation on the owl, as is apparent from the lack of posts.  The struggle got me thinking, (surprise, surprise.)  How does one achieve a balance between investigation and everyday life?  (Oh, yoga, how you are brainwashing me.)

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