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I took Ishmael Houston-Jones‘ composition class this week, which focused on text and movement as part of Movement Research’s MELT workshop. We started each class session with a five-minute free write, which made me wonder about free-writing on this blog. Is it possible for me to put myself out there without editing? Can I move without thinking first? If I manage to let go and write more freely, could I maintain a more active, less precious posting presence, or would it just bore my few readers to seek other internet entertainment?

I’ve noticed that I write a lot of questions on this blog. I also found that I wrote a lot of questions during the free write sessions in class this week. Plus, I curate a works-in-progress performance series that is all about questions. Perhaps this is obvious, as my site is titled “Inquisitive Owl” and the subheading is “investigating contemporary performance.” Still, I wonder if the questions are just a way for me to keep from making a statement that might be criticized. Sometimes the questions are tools for true investigation, and a means to discovery, but sometimes they are just my cover.

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