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On October 13th, The Inquisitive Owl turned two.  While I can hardly claim to have been diligently dedicated to posting over the past two years, it has been an interesting practice to attempt to maintain this outlet over that time.  I can only guess as to whether it has provided any interest for others, but that’s the beauty (and the horror) of the internet.

On October 20th, one week after TIO’s modest anniversary, I moderated another installment of my THROW series at The Chocolate Factory Theater.  This one featured works-in-process by Tara O’Con, Renee Archibald, and Reghan Sybrowsky.  Coaching artists through the development of their questions for an audience always teaches me something – and always reinforces the feeling that making art is like drawing a map of the desert in a sandstorm.  Why do we do it?  Well, to quote Ursula Eagly’s recent gem, “We make art to make sense.”  Even though it’s impossible to draw the map, our attempts bring us closer to understanding the desert, and that’s better than nothing.

The last THROW for 2009 is coming up on Tuesday, November 10th.  It will feature works by Dietz Marchant, Mana Kawamura, and Tatyana Tenenbaum.  I’m looking forward to more comparative cartography.

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