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It’s just me.

After years of juggling, I’m putting all my eggs into one basket.  (Does one juggle eggs?  Whatever; you get the idea.)  Since moving to New York, I have put much effort into creating branded platforms for my various activities: a performance “company” called Red Metal Mailbox, an “online magazine” called the Inquisitive Owl, a short-lived “online gallery” called Max works with Wax, etc.  I drank the kool-aid during the branding frenzy at the beginning of the decade, and I believed somewhere in the back of my mind that without titles, narrow mission statements, and competitive advantage strategies, I wasn’t really “serious” about my work.  This meant that I was fragmenting myself in the interest of clarifying my multiple activities as distinct, (even sale-able?) elements.

Enter: recession.  Along with all the crap, this economic meltdown has brought some fresh thinking.  With even less chance of anything I do for love turning into something I do for my bread and butter, I’m happily consolidating.  As such, The Inquisitive Owl (and all the other fragments) are being melted down to forge my new online home.  No more aliases – just me and whatever I feel like doing.  I hope you’ll continue to travel along with me.

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